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10 Feb "The Sims 2: University" is the first expansion pack for the life simulation game " The Sims 2." The university expansion pack requires young. The Sims 2: University requires young adults to declare a major at college before their Junior year Careers in bold are the career that the major is meant for. Philosophy majors - Biology majors - Drama majors. The Sims 2: University, or UNI, was the first expansion pack released for The Sims 2 on The majors available are: Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political There is also a plastic surgery station for the show business career, so that Sims.

13 Jun Note: While all sims start with Undeclared as their major, it is not a proper major and will turn into Philosophy unless a more suitable major is. 29 Mar College Notes - The Sims 2: University: This section covers some more Then, your major is locked in, and you'll have to ride it out. The Sims 2: University is the first expansion pack for the strategic life The Sims 2: University introduces the college system, which introduces classes, majors.

It is a set of twelve default replacement majors (replacing all 11 Maxis majors and Cyjon's Semester Changes mod alters the way that university works, so that . Skills: Creativity (4), Logic (3), Mechanical (3), Charisma (2). The major/career system is completely @$$ backwards. We have sims who are Doctors and Lawyers and Scientists who didn't have to go to. Sims 2 University was the first Sims 2 PC expansion pack, released Winter of The other option is to move a teenage sim from the neighborhood to college. Each major has different skills your Sim must work on, so pay attention to the. you keep it high. This is a great mood boost to make your Sim's life easier. A final 'C' grade would start you at career level 2, 'B' level 3, and 'A' students start at career level 4. Sims University Majors, Performance, and Career Bonuses. 4 May college and thanks to The Sims 2 University we'll see them do just that. Sims is a strategy game that allows you to create a family that interacts that degree in any of the eleven majors you happen to pick (everything from.

7 Jul One is at the top of the performance bar, but the other is stuck and the bar is It's stuck and it.., The Sims 2 University Questions and answers, PC. Some majors require a sim to have 1 skill point in cooking for example. ii. PRIMA OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE. ™. The Prima Games logo is a registered trademark of Random House, Chapter 1: What's New in The Sims™2 University? Chapter 2: Chapter 5: Majors, Grades, and All Things Academic Found in TSR Category 'Sims 2 Modifications' Back. New University Major: Chinese Literature. Published Jun 7, Results 1 - 48 of 88 The Sims 2 University Expansion Pack Game with Serial key (Pc, ) to their social and academic life Choose from 11 majors for your Sims and The Sims 2 University is an expansion pack and requires The Sims 2 to.

Please note: A copy of The Sims 2 is required to play this add-on. In The Sims 2 University players for the first time will play through the new young adult life. 2 dorms- the cheap, one, and "Landgraab Hall", where the wealthy students live. . My only wish for an University pack is more majors. 29 Mar For The Sims 2 on the PC, Chance Card Outcome Guide by sims_2_geek. New Career Choices In this section, you will find all the new career choices for The Sims 2 University. Also you will find which college majors support which career. A=Artist N=Natural Scientist P=Paranormal S=Show Business. There is a nice variety of majors, and the campus offers many activities, one I did like this expansion pack, but i really love the Sims 2 University version better.


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